Billing starts at USD $350 per day.
Per-project rates are recommended with a free quote upon request.

Why $350? Well, because half that would be below minimum wage.

More on Pricing provides a comprehensive timesheet and reporting with every invoice that you receive when you go with the hourly billing approach. Communication around any expenses that occur during development with you as they happen. No surprises.

There's a range in the pricing due to different project complexities that occur in terms of the breadth of projects that are worked on (solely backend, full-stack or full-stack + mobile) which consume more time and energy. To adjust for that, I adjust the rate accordingly and provide up-front quotes to help clients make educated decisions.

Pay Cycles

Clients commit to a initial deposit to lock in's committment to working with you in terms of resources required. After that, clients are then billed either once or twice a month (on their preference) for the work done in that window. Net payment windows are within 10 business days (Net 14).