I bill at USD $125.00 per hour. I provide per-project rates with a free quote upon request.

Per-Project Rates

Below is a table of projected rates for implementing to-spec projects. These numbers are close approximations and may not reflect the total price of what your needsd may be. To confirm said rate, please reach out and fill out the intake form.

Project Class Time Estimation Rate (in USD)
Portfolio 1 Week $500.00
Product Reselling Starts at 1 Week Starts at $750.00
MVP Starts at 2 Weeks Starts at $4,000.00


A lot of agencies don't believe in reducing cost of products for customers from a profit standpoint. I aim to make enough for to keep it running and keep myself moving. That said, aims to provide discounted rates for those who fall under one or more of the following categories:

If you'd like to know if you qualify for the Do Better By Being Better discount, e-mail us below and let me know.