Services works to provide our clients with high-quality mobile and Web applications tailored for their needs and objectives.

MVP Building

You got an idea or project you want to build? We can do that. We've seen and worked on a lot — and we use this experience to help you.

Staff Augmentation

Looking to add another member to your team to help accelerate your team's speed? Need to ensure high quality performance of your software without changing too much of your team's infrastructure. got you covered.


Be it a blog, shopping site, social networking platform, can help you get to a place where you feel confident with your work.


The languages I make the most use of are Ruby, Python, JavaScript and Elixir. We have experience working with cloud computing platforms like AWS and VPS services like DigitalOcean.

We also make use of frameworks like Vue and Svelte primarily for the Web as it's more future-proof and friendly on client devices.

React consulting can be provided as well, though we do encourage our clients to investigate alternatives.

Mobile focuses heavily on Android application development for its native mobile solutions. I employ industry-proven techniques noted to reach 85% of the international Android market and maintain stability of said products.


For those who choose to allow to host and maintain your application/service, we provide premium monitoring and reporting to ensure a high uptime.

Sounds good? Let's begin ».